Restaurant Promotion Ideas: How to Attract New Customers

Most probably, you feel confident in your quality of food and beverages, as well as the general level of customer service you provide at your restaurant. If that is the case, customer retention may not be your biggest concern—attracting new customers, given all the competition out there, is probably higher on your list. With the current customers, however, your goal is probably to make them into regulars or patrons, as every happy customer sharing positive emotions in regards to your business is a much more effective method of marketing than anything else known to date. The big question is, of course, how does one do all of that without spending a lot of time—and your entire operations budget—on the endeavor?

An unexpected solution

You are probably using a lot of different restaurant marketing strategies to attract new customers to your business. There is Restaurant Marketing Strategiesprobably a sandwich board and a sign outside. You have an ad in the local phone directory and promote yourself through a website. You may have banner ads and/or keyword advertising for search engine results. What about social media? Are you easy to find there? Are you active? How often do you post something that people are tempted to repost and ‘like’?

For most business owners, online marketing is a nightmare in terms of consuming valuable time in exchange for minimal results if your efforts are not sustained in the long term. But, this is where our Pic-N-Post photo kiosks come in and change everything around. In case you haven’t heard about them before, these kiosks encourage your patrons to take pictures of themselves in your restaurant or other business. The pictures are then automatically posted to your Facebook page and other social media sites with perfect branding, location information, and contacts (and even a special promotion, if you are running one).

Customer-driven social media marketing

If you have been in business for some time, you would have already seen hundreds of examples of customers taking pictures while at your restaurant. Later, they upload these pictures to their social media accounts. However, most of the time you would be hard pressed to find any of these photos later on, because no tagging is added, and even then the name of your restaurant may go unmentioned. Our Pic-N-Post digital photo kiosks gives your customers an extra reason to stay longer and come back more often. It’s fun to share a positive experience, not only with your close circle of friends and family, but also with the entire scope of the social media community—and while the customers do that, you can focus on running your business.

Posts on social media that don’t originate from the business itself, but from happy customers are always much more likely to be shared and read by others. What Pic-N-Post kiosks offer is a quick and painless method of completely revamping your social media marketing strategies, and they can help make your business stand out from the competition through this innovative and fun use of modern technology. Are you in?