Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Wedding and Event Planners

A lot of the marketing work being done happens through good will and customer support. Most of the time it is not the expensive wide-scale gimmicks that get attention, it’s the little things. It’s these small things that go straight to our hearts. Weddings and special events are dear to people and to do business in that area, event planners need to appeal to people emotionally. Here are some marketing ideas for events and make it a grand success.

Use Social Media

Event Marketing Ideas for Event PlannersSocial media connects very well with this idea. Getting people online, posting pictures and talking about the event keeps them engaged and interacting with you before, during and after their wedding or event – and they are having a fantastic time doing it. Let them give you exposure because they want to give it, and from that you will get a platform you can build on.

When people are having fun, get them talking

One great and affordable marketing idea to get people talking on social media is the Pic-N-Post social media photo kiosk. Why? Because selfies are in! People are taking them everywhere, and as a marketing tool, you can cash in. You want those who attend the events you are planning to be talking about the fun that they had while they were there. The event planners’ efforts will get the attention of their friends and in many cases, the general public.

Keep yourself in the picture

The Pic-N-Post social media kiosk makes it easy for people to post to Facebook or Twitter while subtly including you. Too often, people post some pretty great marketing potential of themselves and their friends enjoying an event, but don’t say where the event took place, or who held it. You can help yourself by controlling the postings without interfering with your clients self-expression, by providing your own camera and posting the photographs yourself.

Don’t make extra work

But, this doesn’t mean extra work for event planners or their staff. There is no need for you to take the pictures, tag them and upload them. The Pic-N-Post digital photo kiosk does that for you, with the help of the guests at your event. Using the photo kiosk, guests can take group or individual shots that are uploaded to your event’s Facebook page. They can tag themselves in your photos, and promote themselves, the event and you, all at the same time. The styles and options are enough fun that most of the guests will be excited to do it. It’s all part of the magic of the night. It hardly takes a second, and they are right back at their table.

Showcase yourself in the pictures

With the Pic-N-Post social media photo kiosk, your event is not left out. You can tag the photographs and lead potential customers back to your website with links and captions. The photo kiosk is customizable to the event, so that you can let people know that the fun they are having is thanks to your business. Your website will become an important marketing tool for you to seek out new customers. You will have lists of those who were at the event, and a showcase of people having fun. Sometimes, positive word-of-mouth is the only marketing tool you need – and that’s free!