Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Pic-N-Post leases nationwide!
Looking for marketing ideas for small businesses such as restaurants, hotels, convention centers, meeting rooms, stores, malls, clothing stores, coffee shops and other venues that will get customers buzzing and create organic social media reach, all at an extremely reasonable price? That’s what we do!

The ORIGINAL Pic-N-Post social media photo booth leasing options allow you to place a Pic-N-Post onsite at your business location on a regular basis which helps you:

• Decrease the amount of time and money spent on restaurant marketing ideas;
• Create a whirlwind of Facebook activity;
• Build an emotional connection with your audience, whether they are diners, guests or attendees;
• Balloon your Facebook follower count;
• Grow your overall social media presence;
• And engage your customers like never before!

Pic-N-Post was created to remove the burden of posting on Facebook for marketers, managers, event planners and venue owners. Let’s face it: whether you’re running a fast-paced kitchen with the priority of getting piping hot buffalo wings out to table 9 on fire and on time or are looking to give vacationing families the chance to quickly and easily capture the time of their lives in the lobby of your hotel, Pic-N-Post is the perfect solution to make it happen on their terms, with their blessing, and on your Facebook page, too!
The best restaurant marketing strategies and hotel marketing ideas allow you to increase your marketing without decreasing your service. By allowing your best team members to stay on the floor instead of fidgeting with a mobile device and writing Facebook messages, Pic-N-Post allows you to do just that!

It is perfect for:

• Restaurants- one of the best restaurant marketing ideas since Facebook was founded!
• Hotels- enhance almost any stay!
• Anywhere people love to take pictures of themselves and post them online… which is

Pic-N-Post also has the added benefits of easy setup and some of the easiest usability of any marketing technology. Simply put it on the floor stand, wall mount or table top stand and let it do its magic as passersby position themselves for pictures, smile ear to ear, push a few buttons and register yet another visual testimonial right there on your company Facebook page. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and by the time your crowd is done taking advantage of Pic-N-Post, they will have generated an entire novel singing the praises of your venue, all in the background of you going about your standard day-to-day business. It’s the newest in user-generated content, representing the wave of the future for businesses everywhere! The ORIGINAL Pic-N-Post social media photo booth is available to anyone in the US, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a touch of excitement to their event or venue.

Photo Booth Leases Start at Just 99$ per month!Nationwide Shipping
Let our art team design your Pic-N-Post to match your business

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