How to Use the Digital Photo Kiosk to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Restaurant

As an owner and/or operator of a restaurant, you have a lot on your plate (no pun intended). There are the taxes, the registrations, the licenses, and the insurance policies. Then there are the suppliers, the human resources questions, accounting, payroll, and operations plans. And then there is the inevitable problem of getting customers to actually find out about your restaurant and, importantly, come through the doors, take a seat and enjoy the delicious food you have to offer. How much time do you spend on the marketing component? How much time can you afford to spend on it? Do you have the time to run vibrant, rich and diverse restaurant marketing ideas throughout the year?

If social media marketing makes you cringe

digital photo kiosk for restaurantsIn today’s world of smartphones and tablets, where everything is being shared on social media networks and commented on by others (comments which then serve as a major factor in purchasing decisions), if you are not active and visible online, then you are missing out on a multitude of business opportunities. If you don’t have a Facebook page, for example, or your page is blank or outdated, people will notice. By not joining your customers on social media, you also voluntarily refuse them the chance to talk about your restaurant, link to your website, and share the joy of having visited you with others.

Where to find the time?!

Having an empty and bland social media sites for your business is probably worse than not having them at all, but finding the time necessary to keep them alive and active is, of course, problematic when you have all those other things on the table. The answer to your social media sharing and brand engagement problem is incredibly simple—place a Pic-N-Post social media photo kiosk at your restaurant’s lobby and let the customers do all of this work for you (and pay you in the meantime).

If this sounds too good to be true, just consider that guests at your restaurant share (and will continue to share) their photos from your restaurant; but they often will not tag your business in their posts or place specific location information into it. So, why not take control? If the social media sharing is going to occur anyway, why don’t you offer your patrons the opportunity to quickly and effortlessly take pictures at your restaurant, which are uploaded to your business’s Facebook page, perfectly branded and tagged with the necessary contact information?

When will you start?

Our Pic-N-Post kiosk solves all the problems traditionally associated with business social media marketing. The posting continues throughout the time you are working on something else, and the posts don’t simply come from you—they come from your many happy customers that are eager to share their positive experiences with others. Launching this new marketing campaign is simple. Are you ready to start on the adventure? We thought so. Get in touch with us today.