Facebook Marketing for Small Business – 6 Tips to Rapidly Grow Your Likes

Facebook is the thing! If you have a business, any kind of business that you want to promote on Facebook, you already know that. Your concern now is to get that thing to connect with your business. Or better still, to get customers onto your Facebook page. The thing about Facebook is that it’s fun and people associate it with leisure and right now, Facebook is one of the places where photos, videos and information are shared with friends, family and acquaintances. How can you make that work for you? Bring Facebook users to your page with the following marketing ideas for small businesses and build your ‘likes’.

  1. Be relaxed about it. Facebook is for fun, so your page needs to be fun. This is where you can show the human side of your business. Share things that are fun, and let your updates sound like they are coming from someone that the users can be friends with. People love photographs, and funny videos, so consider how you can incorporate more photos of the users into your site. Encouraging people who come to your physical location to post on your virtual location, will increase your traffic in many ways.
  1. Bring the customers to your page. People will come if you give them a reason to come. That means that they need to be interested. If they are taking photographs of themselves at your location, you want these photographs to reflect your business on their page. That is, you want your location tagged. But that’s not all – you want to connect the photograph to your Facebook site, so your customers and their friends will want to be a part of your business.
  1. You need to be responsible for the photographs taken in your establishment. That does not mean that you have to employ a photographer to take photographs, manage permission and user information, and post the photographs. You want to get the patrons to do it. But many of them don’t. They take photos, yes, but they may not mention your site when they post them. So a good opportunity is lost.
  1. Give them a camera that uploads the photograph where you want it to go. Make it easy for your fans by leasing a photo kiosk. One example is by leasing a social media photo kiosk. Place it in the lobby and let people take photographs with their friends and upload them straight from the kiosk to your business’s Facebook page. They will comment and tag the photos and share with their friends, and your ‘like’ count will soar.
  1. Give the customers reasons to visit and reasons to return. Having photographs of customers on your site will give them a reason to come to you and a reason to return. They will even recommend their friends. Make the photographs a part of the fun and your customers will feel like you have made more than just a virtual connection.
  1. Let it take the time it needs. It takes time, hard work and patience to grow a Facebook page likes, but it also takes a great tool, and a great marketing idea. So, have both. Post regularly, but don’t get overwhelmed.