Facebook Marketing Ideas for Special Events – Five Ways Pic-n-Post Helps Event Planners Increase their Client Portfolio and Social Media Engagement

Putting together beautiful events requires creativity. Whether large or small, each event requires careful planning, flawless execution, and strong marketing. While each event is different, however the one thing they have in common is that almost all event photos are showcased on Facebook. From birthdays to social engagements and weddings, users are able to view these photos from anywhere.

So how can event planners stand out in a crowd and reach potential new clients? Introducing the ORIGINAL Pic-N-Post social photo kiosk, one of the best tools that allow event planners make the most out of social media. Here are five ways Pic-N-Post helps event planners on Facebook highlight special events and tradeshows.

#1: Pic-N-Post allows event goers to create user generated content.

Pic-N-Post allows event guests to take individual or group shots photo-booth style during any special event. Instead of photos appearing on guest’s individual Facebook wall, these photos are uploaded to your special event Facebook page. Users are then able to tag themselves in your photos and promote your special event while promoting your company. Before Pic-N-Post there was a 50/50 chance that users would tag your establishment in their photos. Pic-N-Post does the job for them! Filter effects are available for guests to select the right one for their photos before pushing it out on your Facebook feed.

Special promotions can also engage existing clients and catch the attention of potential ones as well. Implement gamification techniques into your Facebook feed by offering a percentage off event consulting to those clients who receive the most “likes” on Facebook. Your guests can snap quick photos and get right back to the party.

It’s that simple.

#2: Pic-N-Post allows you to brand content for each specific event.

Before Pic-N-Post it was difficult to brand photos for each event. An event planner may have several events happening at once, and branding each one is time consuming. With Pic-N-Post you can not only provide a fun and engaging experience that spreads awareness about your business and promote social media engagement. You can select identifiers such as event date and time, location and even hashtags that take the guesswork out of guests spending time creating their own.

#3: Pic-N-Post allows you to showcase event venues.

Event planners know that the venues for these events can vary by the type of event. Locations can be both indoors and outdoors at hotels or other venues. What better way to show off your event planning skills at you preferred venues than by setting up a photo-booth style kiosk? Event planners can place kiosks at strategic locations on site to allow for maximum exposure of key venue features. These photos are pushed out on your Facebook feed for users to view. You can even tag the specific venue to gain a larger following. Pic-N-Post allows you to make the most out of your event space.

#4: Pic-N-Post allows you to simplify photography.

Pic-N-Post is the easiest and most convenient way to set up a photo booth at your event. The kiosk takes up minimal space, and you can even include your own props or other fun additions to make your photos stand out. Users can take individual or group shots that upload to your wall instantly. Pic-N-Post allows you to add customizable effects and filters that showcase your special event. Best of all, no more poor overextended event planners racking their brains about how to take pictures and handle a million other things at the same time. Simply set up, move on and watch as dozens (or more) of beautiful pictures post directly to your social media site. Great for conventions, conferences, association meetings, trade shows – basically every event you manage! Pic-N-Post is convenient and user friendly with a fast approval process and a safe mode setting for users. Gather info about event attendees by implementing the optional e-mail capture feature. Tailor marketing e-mail blasts to guests that may become future clients to add to your portfolio.

#5: Pic-N-Post allows you to drive social media.

Pic-N-Post Facebook photos upload automatically to your Facebook event page. By tagging the generated photos with your company name and other identifiers such as hashtags, your company is easily searchable by potential clients looking to host an event. Pic-N-Post allows you to maintain a presence on social media and engage with thousands of potential clients. The increase in the number of clients results in tangible event sales for any event planner. Word-of-mouth marketing can spread by offering an engaging platform like social media for clients to review and help promote your business.

Want to try out Pic-N-Post for your event? Most of our leasing options start at $99/month and handle 100% of your event Facebook marketing needs. Call 1-877-624-7182 today to speak with one of our Pic-N-Post consultants.