Facebook Marketing Ideas for Restaurants – Five Ways Pic-n-Post Helps Restaurant Owners Save Time and Waiters Get Better Tips

Using Facebook for restaurant marketing is often the last thing on a restaurant owner’s mind, ranking somewhere down the list after cleaning the kitchen, making sure there are enough hands on deck on a busy night, managing inventory and preparing the best possible customer experience immediately inside the restaurant. To make matters even trickier, using Facebook for restaurants is as complicated as using Facebook for anything else: the rules for how Facebook works change on a regular basis, and keeping up with a page is so time-consuming that restaurant owners either have to pay someone else to handle it or take care of it themselves.
And then there was Pic-N-Post.

The ORIGINAL Pic-N-Post social photo kiosk is the answer for how best to use Facebook for restaurant marketing because it prevents all of the issues associated with traditional Facebook-ing.
Want to know how? Here are five ways Pic-N-Post helps marketing your restaurants on Facebook and increases the size of customers’ checks at the end of the evening.

#1: Pic-N-Post creates user generated content.

In the past, getting a picture of people having fun in a restaurant happened one of two ways. Either patrons took the pictures themselves, or establishments had to have someone standing by to take the picture on company time. When patrons took the picture, they had to take the time to upload it, and even then privacy settings might mean that only people directly in those patrons’ Facebook network would see it. As for tagging your restaurant, patrons just don’t have the incentive to make it happen; after taking the picture, tagging the people in the photo and using a Facebook app to post it online, most average Facebook users are pretty much Facebooked out.

Pic-N-Post allows users to take pictures of themselves photo-booth style right there in your restaurant with a simple push of a button. The picture uploads automatically to your Facebook wall and even allows users to put (filter) effects on the shot (if you prefer) before pushing it out to your restaurant’s Facebook feed. No more crossing your fingers that fuzzy camera phone photos land on your wall. Now your customers will expand your Facebook reach for you!

#2: Pic-N-Post creates branded content.

While regular users’ photos may be in your restaurant, restaurant-goers don’t always take the time to tell the world where they are. Facebook photos in your restaurant may instead be tagged with a message as simple as “Dinner with Grandma”.
But with Pic-N-Post, all content created through our booth is branded— any way you want! So if you want to include a picture of your establishment, your logotype, name, slogan, hashtag- just about anything- the opportunity is available to you. While the actual photos are user generated content, they come out as branded shots, giving you yet another strong customer touch point without any added work.

#3: Pic-N-Post requires little to no management.

Pic-N-Post is as easy to use as a traditional photo booth. Patrons aged five to ninety (and older!) can easily pose and snap pictures in the booth and put them on your wall. It’s even easy to add customizable effects that match your establishment, opening up a whole new world of fun for your customers. For restaurants that prefer a fast, easy approval process, Pic-N-Post also has a safe mode setting that’s just as easy to use for management as the user mode is for patrons. Best of all, customers can take pictures again and again and the process never gets any more difficult. It’s easy for the owner, the customers and restaurant marketers.

#4: Pic-N-Post increases the time and money your customers spend in your restaurant.

Restaurants make money from food and drinks. And the longer your customers stay, the more likely they are to get hungry again or want another drink. While no restaurant owner wants a buyer who hogs a table without purchasing, Pic-N-Post encourages exactly the opposite, adding to a better vibe and more powerful customer experience to the point that people forget to leave and have to order more food.

Need more time to sell someone on dessert? Send them to the Pic-N-Post for twenty minutes!
Want to stall customers until happy hour? Send them to the Pic-N-Post! Did a customer enter who would normally leave because you don’t serve lunch for another few minutes? Run “like” contests weekly. Advertise whoever gets the most like by the end of the week on their picture, gets some sort of prize. You get the idea.

#5: Pic-N-Post drives social media traffic for restaurants.

Everyone loves to see themselves in a picture, especially when it’s somewhere public. That’s why people yell “Hi Mom!” to TV cameras.
With Pic-N-Post, patrons can see themselves on your restaurant’s Facebook wall almost immediately. Their faces will light up with joy. They will leave happy. You’ll face less customer complaints. But better than all of that combined is the value you receive from them liking and sharing their picture from your Facebook page. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful ways for restaurants to expand their business, and leveraging Facebook for word of mouth is incredibly effective. With Pic-N-Post, it’s never been easier.

Want to try out Pic-N-Post for your business? Most of our leasing options start at $99/month and handle 100% of your restaurant Facebook marketing needs. Call 1-877-624-7182 today to speak with one of our Pic-N-Post consultants.