Facebook Marketing Ideas for Hotels – Five Ways Pic-N-Post Helps Hoteliers Increase Number of Guests and Boost Social Media Involvement

The hotel industry is one of the most competitive industries out there. There are a plethora of hotels sprinkled in almost every major city, all vying for the same out-of-town guests. The question on every hotelier’s mind is how to make your property stand out in a crowd. Sure, lush landscaping and renovations help, but for properties that want to make the maximum impact without breaking the bank, Pic-N-Post provides another channel to increase the number of guests and develop social media engagement.

Want to know how? Here are five ways Pic-N-Post helps your property attract guests and boosts social media involvement.

#1: Pic-N-Post streamlines the photography process.

Guests at your hotel can now interact with your property on a much more personal level. Increase awareness about your property by installing a Pic-N-Post kiosk in your lobby or other high traffic area. Guests can take individual or group shots with ease and instantly upload these photos onto your Facebook wall. In a few simple steps, Pic-N-Post eliminates unnecessary steps previously associated with taking photos. Now, instead of taking the photo, choosing a filter and taking time to think of engaging captions, guests are able to snap, select a filter and upload within seconds! Customizable effects and the user-friendly format simplify photography.

Pic-N-Post also contains a feature that allows hoteliers to capture guest e-mails, which can be used in marketing efforts to send out e-mail campaigns, enticing guests to return and offer other incentives.

#2: Pic-N-Post allows users to create branded content.

User generated content can now be branded any way your property wants. From logos, to slogans to hashtags, this branded content can be used to drive guest engagement and provide a much sharper social media presence for your property. Pic-N-Post eliminates the need for guests to make up individual identifiers and prevents the possibility of a guest forgetting to tag your property in their personal photos. Hashtags on social media sites can increase the number of people that interact with your property, effectively increasing awareness of your hotel and giving your property a competitive advantage.

For special events at your property, Pic-N-Post can also provide branded content showcasing your property along with special event information.

#3: Pic-N-Post drives social media engagement.

Pic-N-Post can substantially increase awareness of your property by using social media to drive engagement. Social media allows your property to reach hundreds of people effectively and efficiently. Facebook users can access your page by seeing their closest friends enjoying a weekend or night away at your property, click on your Facebook page and see all that your property has to offer. If you use Facebook and link your property website to it Facebook users can easily locate your website and book online.

By encouraging guests to tag themselves in your photos you can gamify your guests experience at your hotel. Set up weekly or monthly contests and the guests with the most “likes” on their photos can win a free night’s stay or other incentives.

#4: Pic-N-Post helps you showcase your property amenities.

Has your property recently undergone renovations? Showcase your property by allowing guests to take photos of themselves and upload them to Facebook to encourage potential guests to visit your property and take in all the amenities it has to offer. If your property offers complimentary breakfast or happy hour use Pic-N-Post to highlight these amenities. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with Pic-N-Post your property will be shown highlighting all the features that makes it stand out above the rest. Future guests will become more engaged by viewing these photos on social media and book a stay on their next trip at your property.

If you are promoting a recently renovated property, or you are a hotelier trying to display your meeting and ballrooms for special events and business meetings, Pic-N-Post can help drive awareness and cultivate your social media presence with ease.

#5: Pic-N-Post makes sales and marketing easier.

Engage potential groups and businesses who are looking for meeting space. By taking time to set up a kiosk in strategic locations around the hotel, Pic-N-Post can help your sales and marketing staff effectively sell meeting space by offering potential clients something no other property can offer. By posting these photos on social media, not only are you making meetings more fun, but also increasing the reach of potential clients.

Want to try out Pic-N-Post for your business? Most of our leasing options start at $99/month and handle 100% of your hotel Facebook marketing needs. Call 1-877-624-7182 today to speak with one of our Pic-N-Post consultants.