Facebook Marketing Ideas for Fitness Centers – Five Ways Pic-n-Post Helps Fitness Center Owners Gym Increase Membership

Facebook is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the world of fitness. Users are checking into fitness centers almost religiously, two, three or more times in one week. Flexing muscles in status updates has become almost as important as the exercise itself. Regardless of the reasons behind, the phenomenon of “fit-booking” is becoming a trend that can benefit fitness center owners clever enough to leverage interest to create gym membership.
And the ORIGINAL Pic-N-Post social photo kiosk is one of the best possible tools for doing so.
Want to know how? Here are five ways Pic-N-Post helps fitness center, gym, and, health club owners to marketing their business on Facebook increase patron awareness.

#1: Pic-N-Post allows you to simplify photography.

Pic-N-Post is the easiest way to use a set up a photo booth in your fitness center. The photo kiosk takes up minimal space, and patrons can take individual and group fitness shots that are easy to take and upload to your wall within a matter of seconds. Pre and post workout photos are now made easier with the help of Pic-N-Post! Adding customizable effects that showcase your fitness center are simple and can be used to drive engagement and promote customer awareness regarding your facility. Its simplicity at its finest, with a fast easy approval process and a safe mode setting for user friendly management. Convenient for patrons, fitness center marketers and sales staff and owners, Pic-N-Post is proven effective. With the optional e-mail capture feature available it is easier than ever to capture potential member data to tailor sales pitches and gather customer data. Tailor marketing campaigns to prospective fitness center members and send out strategic e-mail blasts to generate interest in your facility.

#2: Pic-N-Post allows you to create user generated content.

Before Pic-N-Post, gym members had to take time out of their workout to take photos of themselves next to gym equipment, think of a witty photo caption and upload it. Worse than that, with advanced privacy settings it meant that a limited number of users on those patrons’ Facebook network would see it. While some patrons may tag your establishment, it was about a 50/50 chance that would actually happen.
Pic-N Post allows your patrons to take pictures of themselves photo-booth style right in your establishment. Now instead of selfies on patrons’ walls, these photos upload automatically to your Facebook wall, allowing patrons to reap all the self-esteem benefits of taking photos in the gym and your establishment to profit from the hard work and healthy lifestyle changes it helped create. Users can also use filter effects on the shot before pushing it out on your establishment’s Facebook feed.
An added benefit is that it decreases the amount of time taken away from a workout for patrons, promoting an engaging gym experience every time.

#3: Pic-N-Post allows you to increase facility traffic.

Fitness owners rely on memberships to stay in business. Providing a fun and engaging experience keeps these patrons renewing memberships and spreading awareness. Who wouldn’t want to work out in a fitness center that has its very own photo booth? Promoting good vibes and a powerful customer familiarity encourages more patrons to visit you month after month.
Want to promote fitness classes? After class, gather everyone for a quick snapshot to entice and encourage other members to try it out.
Sales staff can use it to create quick snapshots with new members to encourage others to join.
Run weekly “like” contests that range from most fashionable gym outfit to best biceps. Run a contest; maybe whoever gets the most likes by the end of the week can receive a complimentary personal training session or other incentives.
You get the idea.

#4: Pic-N-Post allows you to drive patron engagement and create branded content.

Gym rats don’t always take the time to tell their followers where they are. Focusing more on the workout itself and showing off their chiseled physiques to followers, they simply forget to tag your establishment. With Pic-N-Post Facebook photos can automatically be simply tagged with the name of your establishment.
All of your content created through our kiosk is branded any way you want. If you want to include a picture of your facility, logotype, trainers, slogan or hashtag, the opportunity is available. You can always drive engagement by implementing contests for patrons to contribute to hashtags or slogans. Pic-N-Post creates branded shots from user content, allowing your establishment to create a strong bond with your patrons.

#5: Pic-N-Post allows you to effectively drive social media.

A picture is worth a thousand words, or the cost of a yearly membership. Fitness photos are even more powerful because they showcase the hard work of an individual that is dedicated to a better life. That’s why gym selfies are so popular. Pic-N-Post allows patrons to see themselves instantly on your establishments Facebook wall. Happy patrons equal increased gym time which translates into tangible dollars for fitness center owners. The value of Pic-N-Post for fitness center owners is extraordinary. Not only will your establishment stand out above the others, but the word of mouth marketing Pic-N-Post creates for your establishment is powerful and engaging and results in increased membership.
Easy, convenient and effective, Pic-N-Post helps you win.

Want to try out Pic-N-Post for your business? Most of our leasing options start at $99/month and handle 100% of your Fitness Center Facebook marketing needs. Call 1-877-624-7182 today to speak with one of our Pic-N-Post consultants.