Facebook for Conventions – Five Ways Pic-n-Post Helps Conventions Increase Attendance and Boost Social Media Involvement

Conventions are a place for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people with a shared interest in one subject to gather and discuss relevant topics. Whether your convention attendees are in town for business or coming for leisure Pic-N-Post provides another avenue to increase attendance and enhance social media engagement.
The ORIGINAL Pic-N-Post social photo kiosk is the best way to use Facebook to engage attendees and increase annual attendance. In fact, in the past Pic-N-Post has made appearances at rodeos, quilt shows and festivals of all kinds!

Want to know how? Here are five ways Pic-N-Post helps conventions get a jump in attendance.

#1: Simplify event photography.

Convention directors have tons on their plates during the big event. Pic-N-Post is the easiest way to use a traditional photo booth that saves time and money. Attendees can snap a few single shots or take group shots and then upload them to the convention Facebook page. Customizable effects can be added to showcase convention dates and year. The approval process is easy, and Pic-N-Post has user friendly safe mode settings that are simple for management to use.

An optional e-mail capture feature is available to gather attendee data directors can use to analyze and forecast annual attendee numbers.

#2: Create branded content.

Content created through our kiosk is branded any way you want whether it be defining hashtags, logos or slogans. Branded content drives engagement and increases awareness for attendees and future attendees. Often times an attendee may take a photo at the convention, but use hashtags that may not be specific to your convention. Pic-N-Post photos eliminate the need for attendees to spend time making up their own identifiers and use yours.

Using as many relevant hashtags as possible will increase your engagement with potential attendees and drive awareness to your convention.

#3: Encourage social media interaction.

Use Facebook to promote awareness regarding your convention. User photos are uploaded directly to your convention Facebook wall which allows followers to gauge popularity of the convention. Followers perusing their Facebook wall will come across your page, see the hundreds of attendees posting to your wall and wonder what they are missing. Social media is a powerful platform to drive engagement and increase the number of attendees to your convention.

Set up contests and encourage attendees to tag themselves in your photos. The attendees with the most likes can be awarded special prizes or recognition.

#4: Sell booth space more effectively.

When selling booth space, promoting Pic-N-Post kiosks to vendors can help gain attendance by increasing convention awareness. Vendors will pay premium booth fees to be stationed next to a kiosk because it increases the number of booth visits to their own booth. In turn, when promoting their participation at your convention they will broadcast the news to their followers which will increase your final attendance numbers.

#5: Leverage partnerships with hoteliers and natural allies.

Use Pic-N-Post to create and promote a grassroots marketing campaign to promote your convention. Station a kiosk inside the convention center or headquarter hotel in the days leading up to your convention to increase awareness and engage potential attendees. With customizable slogans, logos and hashtags you can reach out to hoteliers to partner with your convention. Cross promoting both headquarter hotel and convention can increase attendance numbers. Placing kiosks in strategic locations around the headquarter hotel and convention center can also generate attendees from untapped avenues.

Want to try out Pic-N-Post for your business? Most of our leasing options start at $99/month and handle 100% of your Convention Facebook marketing needs. Call 1-877-624-7182 today to speak with one of our Pic-N-Post consultants.